DGNB Award "Sustainable Building"

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Sustainable, innovative and architecturally valuable: Eight projects were nominated by the DGNB jury on 7 July 2017 for the DGNB Award "Sustainable Building". In a second selection round, the jury of the German Sustainability Award chaired by Martin Haas, DGNB Vice President, selected the finalists. The administration building 50Hertz Netzquartier as well as the residential construction projects Bremer Punkt and wagnisART were nominated. The winner was announced on 8 December 2017 during the award ceremony of the German Sustainability Award in Dusseldorf. The prestigious award this year went to the cooperative housing project WagnisART in Munich.


DGNB-Award "Sustainable Building" Video



The Winner 2017

Building sustainably together - wagnisART München

Client: Wohnbaugenossenschaft Wagnis eG
Architect: ARGE bogevischs buero with SHAG Schindler Hable Architekten
Landscape architecture: ARGE bauchplan).(with Auböck & Kársász

wagnisART is a cooperative housing development project, which in many respects is regarded as exemplary and unique in Germany. By involving the future tenants in the planning process through workshops, goal definition and decision-making promotional measures, a noteworthy, community-building architecture is created. It is also reflected in the extraordinary arrangement, connection and shape of the individual buildings.

The Institute of Energy Efficient and Sustainable Design and Building was involved in accompanying research in this project.

Current Events

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One-Planet Cities
Mathias Wackernagel, Global Footprint Network, Oakland

Lecture on 18th January 2018 at 18:30 hrs at the Oskar von Miller Forum.

(Image: OvMF)

Innovative Structures and Methods
Knut Göppert, SBP Schlaich Bergermann Partner
Kai-Uwe Bletzinger, TUM
Lecture and Talks

Lecture on 11th January 2018 at 18:30 hrs at the Oskar von Miller Forum.



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„Visionaries and Everyday Heroes. Engineers - Building – Future"
An exhibition of the role of engineers in the building and construction industry.

Exhibition at the Oskar von Miller Forum
10th Nov. 2017 to 14th Jan. 2018
Tuesday to Sunday 12:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs
Admission free

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Lang (Image: Astrid Eckert / TUM)

"We have no choice but to build sustainably."

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Lang in the interview with the TUM.
The complete interview can be found here.

Current Research Projects

Energy-efficient University (Energieeffiziente Hochschule):

Geschwister-Scholl-Platz Munich (Picture: LMU)

The challenge of this research project lies in the creation of a climate-neutral operation of buildings of university real estate. The use and the potentials of sustainable materials and technologies are shown here. >>

Ensure Competitiveness:
Project Platform Energy

Sustainable buildings secure the future (Image: ediundsepp GmbH)

Ensuring the future viability and competitiveness of the Bavarian Building and Construction Industry is the aim of the project platform Energy, founded in 2014. Constant exchange and the cooperation of both partners promote the implementation.  >>

Sustainable Planning:
Städtischer Hartplatz Penzberg

Apartment building Penzberg (Image: TUM)

An innovative and sustainable housing development is to be created within the framework of the housing project "Städtischer Hartplatz" by an interdisciplinary approach. With the help of low-tech solutions and ecological building materials, a heterogeneous housing development structure will be implemented. >>

Resource Efficiency through Hybrid Construction

ecoleben, Penzberg (Image: TUM/LS ENPB)

What advantages does hybrid construction offer and how can it be implemented? Within the framework of the project, practice-relevant questions on structural design, building physics and life-cycle analysis were dealt with in order to close knowledge gaps and thus to enable a technically and building-legally secured application. >>

Setting Impulses. Interdisciplinary. Intercultural. 

Oskar von Miller Forum