Research Cooperation with the City of Munich "Green City of the Future"

(Image: W. Lang)

After a preparation period of about one year, the research proposal “Implementation of the City of the Future Platform: Research for climate-change resilient, socially and economically just and liveable cities” that was worked out jointly with the City of Munich: Department of Environment and Health as well as the Department of Urban Planning, was approved by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Further project partners are the TUM Institute of Strategic Landscape Planning and Management (Prof. Dr. S. Pauleit), Department of Sociology of the LMU (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) and the Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW) in Berlin.

Within the framework of a three-year research project it is aimed to support cities in achieving their long-term climate policy goals and to further the development of climate-change resilient neighborhoods.



Next to further developing existing strategies of climate protection and climate adaption, against the background of the climate change, the focus lies, above all, to also consider green areas and open spaces that are extremely pressurized due to the rising population.

For this purpose the effect of green adaption measures is to be examined for the city climate and the water balance as well as for energy efficiency and sustainability in existing buildings. The integration of qualitative research approaches from a social and economic perspective as well as of participating approaches enables the improvement of the residents’ quality of life and economic practicability.

The results are to be summarized by means of a recommendation for action that will be made available to cities and regions with comparable challenges.

Current Events

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Lang (Image: Astrid Eckert / TUM)

"We have no choice but to build sustainably."

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Lang in the interview with the TUM.
The complete interview can be found here.

Current Research Projects

Energy-efficient University (Energieeffiziente Hochschule):

Geschwister-Scholl-Platz Munich (Picture: LMU)

The challenge of this research project lies in the creation of a climate-neutral operation of buildings of university real estate. The use and the potentials of sustainable materials and technologies are shown here. >>

Ensure Competitiveness:
Project Platform Energy

Sustainable buildings secure the future (Image: ediundsepp GmbH)

Ensuring the future viability and competitiveness of the Bavarian Building and Construction Industry is the aim of the project platform Energy, founded in 2014. Constant exchange and the cooperation of both partners promote the implementation.  >>

Sustainable Planning:
Städtischer Hartplatz Penzberg

Apartment building Penzberg (Image: TUM)

An innovative and sustainable housing development is to be created within the framework of the housing project "Städtischer Hartplatz" by an interdisciplinary approach. With the help of low-tech solutions and ecological building materials, a heterogeneous housing development structure will be implemented. >>

Resource Efficiency through Hybrid Construction

ecoleben, Penzberg (Image: TUM/LS ENPB)

What advantages does hybrid construction offer and how can it be implemented? Within the framework of the project, practice-relevant questions on structural design, building physics and life-cycle analysis were dealt with in order to close knowledge gaps and thus to enable a technically and building-legally secured application. >>

Life at the Oskar von Miller Forum (Image: Astrid Eckert)

Setting Impulses. Interdisciplinary. Interculturally.

Oskar von Miller Forum